Dashboard: More Than Just an Orange Calculator

While there are a number of music related Dashboard widgets that range from somewhat useful (and apparently now MIA) to not at all, I’ve recently taken to making a few of my own “web clip” widgets for tasks that I found myself repeatedly opening the black hole commonly known as a web browser to accomplish in the past. (Seriously, show me the front page of Wikipedia and you might not see me for a week—not the greatest for productivity.) Best of all, they can be whatever you want, take two seconds to make, and you never need to be updated. Some favorites:

1. Frequency/pitch chart. Sometimes you need to know more than A equals 440.

2. Rhyming dictionary. I choose WikiRhymer, and not just because I’m nostalgic for green text on a black screen. (This will open your results in your default browser. You’ve been warned.)

3. Tap tempo. This one was coded by a square dance caller who’s day job is helping to build human DNA sequencers. ‘Nuff said.

Now go get your nerd on, chop up some web pages, and get back to work.