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Zen and the Art of Analog Summing

Zen and the Art of Mixing is a great read. Mixerman (AKA Eric Sarafin) has a knack for writing about a subject that normally defies the written word. However, there was one part of the book that really got my goat when I read it, and here I am, six months later, my goat still got. It can all be boiled down to this quote:

I can’t tell you why. I can’t tell you how. I can’t even prove what I’m about to tell you, and I can assure you that the DAW manufacturers, particularly Digidesign, will not only reject this claim but will actively try to persuade you otherwise through flawed white papers that most of you can’t understand and bogus comparisons that most of you wouldn’t know are bogus.

All DAWs bog down at the 2-bus.

For a book that proclaims, through its back cover blurb from Ken Scott, to teach “the Art [sic] of great mixing, not the pseudoscience,” that’s an awfully pseudoscientific claim.

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Get Your Addictive Drums Fix for Less

Sweden’s XLN Audio has dropped the price of Addictive Drums, which is great news, because Addictive Drums is, in this writer’s humble opinion, the best fake real drums plugin out there. And I’ve pretty much used ’em all.

Of course, no plugin will ever be able to recreate the energy of a guy (or a gal), in a room, banging on stuff, but when you gotta bite the bullet, this is the bullet to bite. Intuitive, responsive, polished, stable, and it sounds fantastic. As soon as they add a drum replacement feature (and really, why wouldn’t they?), it’s game over. (Via ProToolerBlog.)