Is Native Instruments the Adobe of Music Software?

I just spent over three hours installing and re-installing various components of Native Instrument’s Komplete, simply to get inexplicably missing factory presets to show up in Massive and FM8. (I’m all for building sounds from scratch, but with a tool as, well, massive as Massive, you gotta start somewhere.)

Which begs the question: Is Komplete becoming the music industry’s version of Adobe Creative Suite? A bloated, sprawling mess of overlapping applications; overly complicated, unnecessarily proprietary, and complete (or should I say “komplete”) with an installation process from hell?

I have no fewer than five different repositories on my various hard drives (in Documents, in Applications, in both my home and root Libraries, and on my dedicated sample drive) devoted to Native Instruments: Folders and countless sub-folders full of presets, libraries, documentation, manuals, licenses, templates, drum maps, readmes, samples, sounds, bundles, demos, mysterious “content,” utilities, device drivers, helpers, databases, scripts, logs, defaults, macros, XML files, favorites, ensembles, core cells, snapshots…the list goes on. The thought of integrating something like Maschine makes my brain hurt.

I appreciate the depth of the programs and sounds that NI offers, but c’mon, guys—this is getting out of hand. Clean out your closet, give me one neatly organized folder with all the goods, and make it so I never have to look at it.